Design your own website

So you’d like to design your own website but would like a bit of support along the way?
Maybe you’d like to have control from the start and have the computer skills yourself or have someone to help you?

Or perhaps you’d like someone to set it all up and let you put in the content – but be there for occasional help going forwards?

There are now many different tools to use to design your own website, which are suitable for self design and on going management. Things have changed a lot over the last decade, and don’t look like they are slowing up!
Our experience over more than a decade of web design (and the pitfalls you can fall into!) means we can host and install a theme for you that will suit your purposes, offer you an optional help support package for 1 month or do some basic design set up for you dependant on what you need.

We have a range of ‘ how to’ videos that can also be installed for a small additional fee. We’ll tailor the support we offer you so we will listen to you and talk reasonably about what will suit you. Approachability and a can do attitude is how we do business!

So how much will it cost?

Costs for hosting a basic website on our PINK package and theme installation is £39+ vat for the year
Most themes will have an additional purchase price, but we will advise you as to the type you need- in line with ease of use and the type of website you are planning.

Subsequent hosting years when you manage your own updates and changes are charged at either our basic ‘PINK’ hosting rate or if yours is an e-commerce website – you’ll be on PURPLE.

Other fixed costs:

SKBP ‘Plug ins’ charge : £20 a year to purchase and renew. All websites need plugins and they have to be bought! We use a reputable supplier that we know will not go out of business and who gives technical support and keeps the plugins updated. There are millions of plugins out there, but it really is user beware!

So you'd like a new website but would like to do it yourself? Skybluepink can help you to design and control your own website. Contact us to see how.

Optional Costs:

Routine technical updates –  performed by us are £5 monthly but you can elect to do these yourself. These must be done for security and the website to function correctly. Updates include new versions and plug-in updates as they become available.

30 Days support package –  following installation costing £100 +vat. This gives you a help line and access to our experience. You can extend this for an additional month on request.

You may find you need more help than this. We can quote a package of support for you separately, based on a £25 an hour charge.

If you would like to know more or discuss what will suit you best, give us a call or email us and we’ll do our best to advise.